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As a tool of communication, the motion design has become with no doubt the best way to promote your products / services.

The main goal of motion design is to give movement to static objects, allowing them to be more interactive and interesting. Together, we will think about the best methods to address your audience, whether it's in front of a TV, a tablet or a smartphone. My job is to create, organize, animate and enhance your product into a movie that will suits your needs.

Every project begins with a meeting and a briefing, this will help to identify your needs.

Pointing out your objectives and goals to understand the story you wish to tell and to whom you want to tell it. The deadline, budget and requirements must be set to guide future decisions. Once all the basics are in place, we can move on to the script.

Writing the script and the voice-over will allow us to get into the narrative aspect of the project.

It is essential to ensure that the scenario suits your needs and stays technically conceivable. Once the scenario is validated, the voice-over can be fully written. This step allows me to build a graphical environment. At the end of the phase, we will know the exact content of your video.

Products explainer, corporate video, cartoon style, motion graphics, 3D ... This step is here to target and choose the best style wich fits your project.

Working in accordance with your brand guidelines and the previous steps, I create a number of key frames so you can see exactly how the video will look. This important step locks the main style of the project, allowing us to work properly in the same direction.

The Storyboard is the first graphical step of the project. The visual sequence of the video is created.

It's also an opportunity to set the voice-over on these pictures. The storyboard is a paper version of the final video. It contains all the useful informations : graphic style, animation intention and voice-over.

Once the script, art direction and voice over are chosen, it's time to start the real thing.

For this phase, I bring up my best tools to give life to the project. Depending on what was decided, I'll switch between 2D and 3D rendering softwares, add sounds effects, voice-over and music track.

With your feedbacks, we will review the final details of the video, in order to obtain a result which we can be proud of!

The animated video is exported based on your technical requirements and delivered to you! We can now relax and have a cup of beer tea!

Motion project management

I do

The feel to be connected.

Today it is more than strongly advised to be visible on the internet. A website is a powerful communication tool, it promotes your business to potential customers.

From the briefing to the web development, I assist, support and advise you in the creation of your digital web space! if you want to kick-ass on the web, drop me a line.

Every project begins with a meeting and a briefing, this will help to identify your needs.

We will discuss about you and your project as well as your target audience. This step will help us assess the modules and functionalities your site will need.

Wireframing is a way to design a website service at the structural level. A wireframe is commonly used to lay out contents and functionalities on a page wich takes into account user needs and the path they'll take.

Wireframes are used early in the development process to establish the basic structure of a website page before any visual design or content are added. This will define the "skeleton" of your future website.

Now that the core of your website is defined, it's time to take an artistic direction. We will need to find the graphic style that suits your needs in order to reach your target audience in the most efficient way. It will reflect who you and project are.

It is time to dress up your website with the graphic universe we have established. Thanks to the wireframe, we have the structure and content of your website. Therefore we will obtain final static boards and see the user-experience of the website.

It is now time to dress up your website taking into account the graphic universe created in the previous step.

Moreover, thanks to the creation of our wireframe, we already know the hierarchy and the contents of it. We will therefore obtain final static boards and the user-experience from your website, which we will validate before working on the integration phase.

This is where the code begins, we will transform our static boards into an element a navigator can read.

In this phase we will give life to the different parts of your website like the buttons, we will define the sequences of your content, prepare your SEO and adapt to different platforms.

In the case you want to manage the content of your site, we need another step.

Developing an administration panel, a tool to easily manage your website on your own. You will be able to add, change or remove any type of content that we had, previously, determined together !

Web project management

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Having firstly improved my knowledge in 3D and video games, I quickly redirected myself towards the world of web and graphic communication.

Eager to learn and being passionate about new technologies, I am constantly opening myself to the new opportunities the digital world has to offer.

Equipped with these many skills, I can help you throughout your communication, from the creation of your logo through your website, to your promotional videos. Having only one intermediary in the development of a project is an asset, making the process much more human, it's strengthen the communication while keeping the essence and values of the project.